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Once again we would like to remind you that we are now posting at The Curious Citizen, our new blog home.

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We are posting at our new blog … The Curious Citizen.

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It is time for a change …

traffic-sign-time-for-changeI have been out of circulation for a while, the reasons for which I will not trouble you.

I have had time to think … and those who know me certainly realize that this is a dangerous thing!

The ‘Straight Talk’ franchise has existed since the early 1990’s.  It started on Q103FM in Lakeville and was revived on CATV 6 & WHDD Radio.

Unfortunately it has been confined to the internet since September 2011 after the pathetic local media teamed up with some equally pathetic local politicians to stifle FREE SPEECH which did NOT meet their sub-standards.

NOTE:  Sub-standards in this case means LIE LIKE A RUG!

I have struggled with what to do and concluded that the worst thing would be to ‘go away’.  What can I do to inform the citizenry effectively?

The result is a NEW franchise!

It is comprised of a website and a blog.  In the future it will expand into broadcasts which will be on the internet and local public television.  I would like it to be on local public radio, however the master manipulator of local public radio has ban me from that institution.  Is this not typical of NPR affiliates?  Take money from the public pot and then deny free speech to others.

Join me at the NEW BLOG!

My kid … my choice!

lunchbagrgbFrom the Carolina Journal Online …

Preschooler’s Homemade Lunch Replaced with Cafeteria “Nuggets”
State agent inspects sack lunches, forces preschoolers to purchase cafeteria food instead

Is this what we are coming too?  As a parent, I am becoming increasingly concerned that our children will soon belong to the state.

As long as my child is healthy, I should think it would be for my wife and I to decide what our child eats, not the government.  Worse, in this case the government is forcing parents to buy the food they prescribe.  What next … medications the government thinks my child should be on?

Normally I write about very local issues and frankly this one could easily happen here.  Anyone who attends local Boards of Education meetings will know that they routinely talk about what the children eat and whether or not it is healthy for them.

In the past year I have witnessed such disturbing debates at the Salisbury Board of Education.  One debate occupied a full forty minutes of a meeting in which the merits of Ice Cream was bantered about.  Would it not be great if we spent so much time debating the level of education our children are receiving?

Maybe we can install ‘healthy lunch detectors’ at the entrance to our schools to ensure that the ignorant parents are feeding their children properly as per government order.  I would even suggest we might consider community service for those parents who don’t understand that Big Brother knows all and we (as well as our children) are here to submit to the will of the system.


On Saturday, October 29, we lost our power at 9:15 PM.

We are still waiting … CL&P chose three houses to leave off the grid on Tuesday, November 1, including our six unit apartment building.  They were at the scene of the problem and got summoned away by some mystical ‘order givers’ who have no regard for anything other than the instructions they send out from their ‘power abundant complex’.

I am frustrated when I see businesses with power on one side of Main Street in Lakeville and the other side has none!  There seem to be various situations like ours where a few homes have been left literally ‘powerless’ for no reason other than orders came from the castle and the crew had to pack up and leave.  Why not finish that little bit of work so you don’t have to come all the way back?  I fear that they will forget our little situation and we will have to start calling the ‘I don’t give a damn center’ again to beg for power.

I haven’t seen a CL&P crew around here in days.

To rub salt in the wound, the ‘meter reader’ came by to read all of our DEAD meters.  I suppose we will have an estimated bill next time.  I will be on watch to see when my bill reflects this now eight days without power … something tells me my bill will stay the same and they will hope I don’t notice or complain, not that they care.

I laugh at Governor Malloy when he asks the banks to waive late fees because folks who pay online or were unable to go to the bank (because it had no power) shouldn’t be penalized.  What about CL&P?  While we were scrambling to decide whether to seek shelter in someplace other than our home, my payment was due.  Since I had no power (or clue about what the heck was going on) I was unable to make my usual online payment.  Will Governor Malloy ask CL&P to waive its late fees because of this mess that they are responsible for?  I somehow doubt it.  While the State has no power over the banks, it does have power over CL&P (no pun intended).

How about all the food we lost … will CL&P pay for that too?

Whatever!  I must get back to the blogging business, even if it is from my laptop in someone else’s living room.

Thanks a lot CL&P!  Nice work!  Too bad there isn’t some way to find some competition for your grid system service.  We can switch providers for our electricity but we are stuck with you for the infrastructure which you seem to care so little about.

Tomorrow I shall blog about a local non profit [501(c)3] who seem to think they don’t have to follow the rules.

Nice to see you all again!

Sorry … I have been a very BAD boy …

I must apologize for having been absent for three months …

The time has come to energize this blog …

I will be posting later this week and promise that I will be regular in my postings!

As they say today … MY BAD!

Should I have said that???


It is time …

I know … we have been absent for some time.

I also know that you have been looking for something …

Guess what??? (As my daughter often says to me)

Life will return to this blog later this week …

Stay tuned!!!

Blogs … Facebook … Internet Broadcast

With all the choices available today, I am wondering if I should get serious with this blog or move the thoughts that I might put here over to Facebook.

The advantage of this blog is that you don’t have to be a member of anything.  With Facebook you do.  That is why I resisted it for so long, but now that I have a Facebook page, I rather enjoy it.

Admittedly this blog has lacked attention from me.  On the other hand, the fact that people are rarely willing to make comments here causes me to ignore it.  After all, isn’t a blog suppose to be a forum to express and debate at?

As I move to enhance the Straight Talk experience, I find it necessary to make the right moves and be in the right places.  I seek your guidance.

This weekend I will be launching the LIVE show on the internet for all to see.  Hopefully this maiden internet broadcast will go well … I think we are ‘bug’ free …

Hopefully this post will get some feedback …

The Journal and The Salisbury BOF … To be continued …

I ran short on time today and as a result I was unable to give you the full story behind the letter that appeared in the Lakeville Journal just before the election.

The letter was penned by the Salisbury Board of Finance.

I will put that story at the top of next weeks program (Nov. 22) … It needs to be fully explained.

Sorry about some of the technical problems today … just goes to show that when you change things around and try to do them differently … well … it doesn’t always go just right.

These things happen when you do a live broadcast … sometimes it is not pretty.

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