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Support Region One–Tuesday, May 8


The polls will open at 6:00 AM, Tuesday, May 8, 2012.  For the 14 hours that follow, six communities in the Northwest corner of Connecticut will participate in a referendum containing three questions dealing with our Region One School District.

Two questions on bonding for building issues will certainly pass.

The question of the three part regional school budget, which should also pass, is unfortunately the target (for the second year in a row) of a personal campaign against the Region’s top administrators.

This effort has been organized and executed by the management of WHDD radio, leading officials in Falls Village, the Region One Representative from Falls Village, and a small assortment of others who have axes to grind with these individuals.

The controversy which began in August 2010 when the two head administrators of the high school left suddenly, continues today at the expense of the Region’s taxpayers and students.  Fortunately we were able to come through that rough patch thanks to the professionalism of our top administrators, Patricia Chamberlain and Diane Goncalves.  They managed to administer the processes of TWO search committees, operate the district, and bring in the necessary temporary administrative staffing for the high school.  All of this while being ‘abused’ in the public realms on a frequent basis.

Mr. Marshall Miles (President of WHDD), along with his friends in Falls Village would have you believe that our top administrators are the wicked witches from the west that have come to bake and eat all of the little children.  This is all verified by Ruth Epstein at the Waterbury Republican American.  While they all say it is nothing personal, some of the accusations certainly ring loudly of personal hatred.

The most alarming part of this two year campaign lead by our local public radio station is this idea that defeating the budget is sending some kind of message.

It sends no message.  It will cost us more money to vote again.  The budgets are flat.  The increases are salary and benefit driven (for real).  We are keeping it together.  Our school system has taken enough negative press from these folks.

The only message I can get from defeating the budget would sound like this:

Support your local NPR station and too hell with education!

I support the budget, our administrators, the teachers, all of our staff … everyone in our school system.

If we are to challenge it, let us do so for good cause, not because a few people have personal axes to grind.



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One thought on “Support Region One–Tuesday, May 8

  1. Good job. Seems Marshall and his FV coterie have lost some nuts and bolts. This vendetta is extremely old and it is the height of arrogance to hang the whole school budget and education of our children on the unrelenting vitriol of a few inflated, self-interested egos. Pray that folks come out to vote for the right reasons instead of wrong ones.

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