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It’s Bernier … Not Roraback

Republican Yes!First, I need to make a correction to my post from yesterday … I have learned from the Real Clear Politics website that Mr. Clark made a $100,000 loan to his campaign, therefore he is out in my book!  Raise your money and show you have support!

I endorsed Mr. Bernier yesterday and I should like to make some comparisons between him and Mr. Roraback in order to show you that my choice was not made lightly.

One can easily make a distinction between these two men by visiting their campaign websites (BernierRoraback).

The top issue on each site is ‘Jobs and the Economy’.

The Roraback site gives you a great missive about the lousy economy, massive debt, and rampant unemployment.  It calls for new leadership and courage in Washington.  It outlines the problems but falls short of giving us specific solutions.  Mr. Roraback is called a “life long fiscal conservative, with a record to stand on …”.  Really?  I should devote a post to his ‘conservative fiscal’ record.  As I said yesterday, Mr. Roraback dreams of being a conservative.

The Bernier site gives you an opening missive outlining the situation, however it has more detail.  To read more about Justin’s economic plan, please click here.  His plan speaks of specific items for dealing with the Obamaconomy, including auditing the Federal Reserve, repealing Obamacare, and other very attractive ideas.  Mr. Bernier specifically calls for healthcare reform which would include tort reform.

While Mr. Roraback advocates the repeal of Obamacare, he gives no specifics and I can guess that tort reform probably repulses him … after all he is a lawyer … which gives me yet another reason to reject his candidacy … do we really need more lawyers in Washington?

Mr. Bernier supports a balanced budget amendment … Mr. Roraback doesn’t even mention it.

Mr. Bernier advocates an ‘all of the above’ energy policy.  He opposes the “Cap and Trade” scheme.

Mr. Roraback advocates a ‘safe energy’ policy.  We are stewards of the environment and must practice safe exploration of energy resources.  The Middle Eastern oil manipulators love that kind of talk … it means they are able to keep their hands on our throats that much longer.

Mr. Roraback states, “We have a collective obligation to those who will come after us to leave a country where air and water are clean and natural resources are husbanded responsibly. The 5th District has much worth preserving: from our large unfragmented forest tracts to our many acres of productive farmland. I have long been a leader of the fight in Hartford to protect our open spaces, and our air and water, and I will continue that work in Congress.”

Indeed he has been a fighter in Hartford, voting to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars to buy or subsidize open space in a state which is largely undeveloped.  I suppose he will go to Washington and advocate borrowing money for open space too, thereby adding to the deficit.  What a conservative he is!  I suppose it is acceptable to saddle our future generations with this particular noble debt.

Mr. Bernier has been focused on our nations security, the care of those who have insured such, and preserving jobs for those who construct the devices which help to keep us secure.  Though this process he has never abandon his conservative philosophy or sold out to the liberals.

“Justin … coordinated efforts to stop wasteful defense spending in order to fund programs our troops really needed, including body armor and hardened vehicles.”

Read more about Justin here!

I will leave you to study these two Republicans for yourself.

As for me … Mr. Bernier is the Republican … Mr. Roraback is the Democrat’s dream.

I am tired of the nightmare and I want to wake up.


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