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Environmental Alert! Toxic waste in Sharon!

zdtmapToxic waste spews from 67 Main Street, Sharon on an almost daily basis now.  It finds its way out of the building via radio waves, internet connections, cable television and phone lines.  It is produced by the President of the ‘nations smallest NPR affiliate’, WHDD.

Mr. Marshall Miles, President and one third share holder of WHDD radio, has created a one man media center designed to eliminate the top two administrators in the Region One School District.

His mission against Region One, which began in August of 2010, is financed by government grants, business and individual donors, and his partner, Jill Goodman.  It is also subsidized by taxpayers in Sharon and Falls Village.

Mr. Miles latest addition to his ‘toxic dump’ is in the form of a blog.  He defiles our Region One School district’s logo by using it on his site.  He snipes at the district’s Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent, takes ‘pot shots’ at board members, and raves about employment contracts which have been negotiated and adopted by the elected Boards of Education across the six town district.

His latest is making fun of people who disagree with him.

While everyone in this nation has a right to Free Speech, Mr. Miles, who recently showed up at a Region One Board meeting to ‘beat his chest’ about his victory with the FCC, routinely deprives others of their Free Speech.  He loves to fly in everyone’s face as long as he has the control to shut the opposition down.

My attempts to post at the WHDD radio Facebook page are blocked and he has removed my posts from his Region One blog whenever they appear.  I know others who have been gagged by Miles, including being banned from a public air wave.  I suppose the FCC supports that too?

For those who support this type of activity, shame on you.

Mr. Miles defends his latest media effort proclaiming it is not a personal assault against the top two administrators.  Sadly many of the posts assault those two administrators or are aimed at people who support them and are hated by Miles.

Sadly Mr. Miles’ rants and tilted reporting seem to get support from the Waterbury Republican American and the Lakeville Journal.  Of course both news outlets are tied to him via a weekly morning radio appearance and are very hesitant to challenge him for fear they may become fodder on his little morning program or Facebook or his toxic blog, like some of the rest of us.

This constant barrage of bad press that is dominating the news in this corner is distracting to our education system.  Worse, it puts a fog screen in front of the good things that have been done by our new High School administrators.

Working with tight monetary constrains, they have managed to get our High School on the road into the 21st century in one of the most meaningful efforts I have seen in this Region.  Careful examination will quickly show that our new Principal is an excellent planner and money manager, not to mention an excellent administrator.  Further one should note that Pupil Services Director Carl Gross has been stellar during his tenure at controlling special educations costs, which without good management and guidance such as his, could easily spiral way out of control.  Assistant Superintendent Goncalves has made huge strides with region wide implementation of assorted programs.  Superintendent Chamberlain has managed the Region through hard times and continues to do so, and with a steady hand.

Thank you ALL!

There is much more to be said.  Unfortunately, Mr. Miles’ mission to promote his media empire via this dastardly plan is not leaving room in the news for what is right.  He and a few others (chiefly from Falls Village) are dominating the dialogue with their campaign against Patricia Chamberlain and Diane Goncalves.

Next time they ask you for money to support the ‘smallest NPR station in the nation’, maybe you should consider writing a little note instead of a check.

It would be nice if you would report the news instead of creating it!

Note:  Mr. Terry Cowgill has posted on this topic at his blog too.

Another Note:  Could the good citizens of Sharon please apply for an environmental remediation at 67 Main Street.


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3 thoughts on “Environmental Alert! Toxic waste in Sharon!

  1. Thanks for pushing back against the venom and misinformation

  2. Next thing you know, Mike, 67 Main Street will be declared a Superfund site, the authorities will arrive and they’ll roll out barrel after barrel of poisonous waste.

  3. george parsons on said:

    like how boss miles subverts news reports on his blog ,but the original writer is in his pocket

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