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Truth, Part IX–SAHC Makes it official

thumbsdownArmed with the material they needed (even if they had not looked at it), the puppet chairman and his artful master proceeded with the plan.  The SAHC convened at 5:00 PM (10/3/11) and proceeded to ditch the Fire House conversion plan.  While I was not personally in attendance, here is what the official record says:

The Commission discussed the proposal from Mike Flint for the conversion of the former firehouse into affordable housing. The Board of Selectmen asked the Commission to weigh in with a formal opinion of this project. P. Forood made a motion to approve the following resolution:

The Commission would like to express its appreciation to Mike Flint for his work and enthusiasm about creating affordable housing. After seeking advice from development professionals, two meetings with Mike Flint, and much discussion, it is the sense of this Commission that this proposal for the reuse of the former firehouse for 3 units of affordable housing does not make economic sense.

K. Kiefer seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.

(SAHC meeting minutes, October 3, 2011)

I am amused by this passage since I don’t recall the Selectmen making any formal request of the SAHC, but then again when two thirds of the BOS is on the Commission, why bother with formal or public process?  I might also point out that no one from the Commission contacted me with this decision or their ‘so-called’ appreciation.

Regardless, Mr. Rand and Mr. Dresser now had the ‘thumbs down’ from the SAHC that they required since it would be only 24 hours before the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Ah yes … P&Z … I suppose I will have to go back to September 8, 2011 for some background on what would happen at this October 4 meeting …

To be continued …


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