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Truth, Part V–SAHC Looks for what to say …

THISISresThe puppet Chairman Riva was assigned the task of getting “Herrington’s to review and verify the estimated costs of this project and report back to the SAHC at the next meeting”.  This occurs at the September 12 meeting, the next meeting to convene on October 3.

Time is an important element when reviewing project costs and a window of two weeks is fairly tight for such a matter, not that it is impossible.  One should think that the person who conceived, designed, and estimated the original proposal would be part of these consultations if that was to be any accuracy involved, however this person (myself) was never part of the process.

The window cost estimates from Herrington’s were faxed to Chairman (?) Riva on October 3 and the remaining material cost estimates were finished on October 3 at 3:22 PM.  The meeting was held at 5:00 PM, leaving no time to verify accuracy or study anything in the material estimates.

The Commission’s coordinator was charged (and charged us) with getting the ‘professional opinion’ estimates.  Professional opinion?  What an odd term.  Professional at what?  Opinions?  Are these estimates or are they someone’s opinion?  Is this opinion based on any substance?  Enough!

The coordinator, Ms. Ayer made her first inquiry on September 29 at 8:39 PM.  This request went to Ellen Flanagan, Director of Real Estate Development at the Women’s Institute for Housing and Economic Development and to David B. Rich, Executive Director at Supportive Housing Works.


Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2011 8:39 PM

Cc: Jim Dresser; Bobby Riva; Bob Blank

Subject: review cost estimate on conversion of firehouse to affordable housing?

Dear Ellen & David- There is a citizen proposal to convert the former firehouse in Salisbury to 3 affordable rental apartments. The Salisbury Affordable Housing Commission has been asked to support this proposal. The SAHC needs to have a better sense of whether the cost estimates proposed are reasonable. Could you take a look at this proposal for us quickly and let us know whether you think these estimates are reasonable or not (in your experience with the per unit cost of renovating an historic building into 3 rental units).

The proposal can be viewed here:

The cost estimate can be viewed here:

We already know this cost estimate does not include environmental testing/clean-up (for converting a garage into a residential use)…Let us know what you think about the estimate. Any chance you could look at this by Monday noon?

our next SAHC meeting is Monday at 5pm and we need to be able to say something about this proposal.

Best, Jocelyn

We need to be able to say something?  Just when I thought you received your scripts from ….

To be continued …


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2 thoughts on “Truth, Part V–SAHC Looks for what to say …

  1. Ah, the handmaiden Jocelyn at work. Earning every penny the town pays her for her stellar efforts. Can hardly wait for the next revealing installment, Mike. Keep on keeping on.

  2. It matters and is important to those of us who care about honesty in government, proper procedures and documentation of official actions and expenditures along with basic common decency between those of us who live in this community. Unfortunately the tale that Michael tells is one of personal aggrandizement, dishonesty, subterfuge, lies and cheating. Those supposed “public servants” who behave that way need to be relentlessly exposed and rooted out of government.

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