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The Old Lakeville Fire House… What really happened?

Effective InquiryThe February 10 meeting of the SAHC subcommittee caused me to think about the proposal I had put forth to convert the old Lakeville Fire House into three Workforce apartment units, so I set out to find out what really happened.  I have had reason to believe that this proposal never received a fair review by the SAHC.

I made the following email request to the SAHC.  As you can see this request was sent to Chairman Bob Riva, Vice Chairman Jim Dresser and copied to the First Selectman Curtis Rand and Selectman Mark Lauretano.

From: “Michael J Flint” <>
Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 7:50 AM
To: “Robert Riva” <>; “Jim Dresser” <>
Cc: “Curtis Rand” <>; “Mark Lauretano” <>
Subject: Affordable Housing Commission Documents

Dear Bob and Jim,
At the October 3, 2011 meeting of the Affordable Housing Commission, you adopted a resolution which in part said “… After seeking advice from development professionals, two meetings with Mike Flint, and much discussion, it is the sense of this Commission that this proposal for the reuse of the former firehouse for 3 units of affordable housing does not make economic sense.”

I am requesting the following documentation concerning the above mentioned advice:

Information concerning project cost estimates and/or plan ‘take-offs’. (It is my understanding that Herrington’s of Lakeville did plan ‘take-offs’ to document material costs).

Any documents submitted by ‘development professionals’.

Any documents submitted by Fuss & O’Neill consultants concerning environmental issues at the site.

Documents of any nature shared with Commission members which caused the Commission to conclude that this project did “not make economic sense”.

Email communications among Commission members, Selectmen, Planning and Zoning Commissioners, and any other communications to/or among public officials which discuss the conversion project as proposed by Michael Flint.

Please advise as to when I can expect these documents, the cost of said documents, and if these can be transmitted electronically to myself.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Michael J Flint

The FOI Statutes give public officials four days to respond to a request, however the response came rather quickly, without any real thought, and oddly did not go to all of the parties who received the email request.

To be continued …


(You can find specifics about the proposal at the Lakeville Fire House page on


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