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Who’s harassing the businesses?

scroogeA letter to the editor in the Lakeville Journal (2/9/12) entitled ‘Has the spirit of Scrooge infected Salisbury?’ is a clever writing which completely ignores the real issue at hand.

I refer to the Zoning Regulation violations which were recently the topic of a Planning and Zoning investigation in Salisbury. (Refer to my previous post on this issue)

The author, Mr. Dick Boyle, frames his letter as though something evil were happening in Salisbury and paints a picture implying that one merchant has launched an assault on the other merchants.

The violations are the result of Zoning Regulations adopted by Planning and Zoning over the course of many years, which were being ignored by the offending merchants and not enforced by Planning and Zoning.  Despite Ms. O’Brien’s repeated efforts to bring attention to these matters, she was ignored (brushed off) multiple times by the Commission.

Mr. Boyle seems to see this as an act of incivility.  I should ask why is it not civil to ask that the laws be enforced equally among all?

I would quickly agree that many of these violations seem downright silly, however, they are the Zoning Regulations which are the product of the often dysfunctional Zoning Commission. (Don’t forget the Poland Report)

Mr. Boyle ends his letter ‘ … local businesses should be supported, not harassed, or unduly hampered’.  I would suggest he read the often cumbersome Salisbury Zoning Regulations and think about who is actually ‘harassing or unduly hampering’ the businesses in Salisbury.

Might it be Planning and Zoning?


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3 thoughts on “Who’s harassing the businesses?

  1. Points well made, as usual, Mike. Let’s take it a few steps further down the road of logic and true attribution of responsibility for the can of worms we refer to as our zoning Regulations.

    Who has had majority control over P&Z for most of the past three decades? The P&Z members elected by the Democratic Party of Salisbury.

    Who then bears the responsibility for the convoluted, picayune, onerous, private property and business throttling regulations either passed, maintained and/or upheld during that time? The Democratic Party of Salisbury.

    Oops! Mr. Boyle appears to be criticizing the level of regulation imposed by his very own party on businesses in town, as well as complaining that his party representatives on P&Z are actually enforcing those regulations.

    What a conundrum to find oneself in! Mr. Boyle had best back track quick before the party enforcers descend and do some PC thought adjustment on him and his whole family.

    It never ceases to amuse me how eager the Left is to pile regulation upon regulation, then they turn around and don’t want to enforce the regulations, particularly on their own colleagues and have the chutzpah to complain about the mess they made.

  2. george parsons on said:

    you have to realize that academy street is a traffic nightmare and as such has been complained about at various meetings. Has been studied for many blue moons and we are now going to study it one more time. It is not bad this winter but last it was horrendous and the delivery trucks could not get to labones. I would suggest no parking signs but they already exist problem is they are not enforced just as the zoning regulations were not.

  3. george parsons on said:

    you also have to realize that as far as zoning or any regs in salisbury there. is no level playing field . It all depends whitch side you are on and if you agree and do not make any waves

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