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The Region One BOE – 2/6/12 – It’s about time!

Since August 2010 I have set through one painful Region One Board meeting after another.  The same tired group of people have repeatedly shown up to snipe at the administrators and ‘yelp’ at the Board like a pack of wild hyenas.

Finally we heard from others last evening, which seemed to silence the usual loud mouths.  It just goes to show that most bullies are little more than pumped up hot air balloons which deflate at the slightest prick.

The local Board of Education Chairpersons of Kent, Cornwall, and North Canaan all took the microphone calling for an end to the bashing and harassment, which has been relentless for well over a year.

Tracy Horosky (Kent), Rebecca Hurlburt (Cornwall), and Dolores Perotti (North Canaan) all deserve a huge round of applause.  They appeared on behalf of their local boards (all of whom had discussed this pathetic never ending circus) and made it clearly known that they are tired of the constant generation of bad publicity that is being bestowed upon our school system.

North Canaan went farther by saying they were fed up with Falls Village incurring legal bills for this district which everyone else had to pay a share of (note: as far as I can figure we blew $30,000 or better of school funds on this sham in the last fiscal year alone).  Kent concurred, siting the waste of ‘human and monetary resources’.

Oddly, the First Selectman of Falls Village was in the audience along with that Town’s Attorney and Board of Finance Co-Chairman.  Are the good citizens of Falls Village going to start paying legal bills from their own attorney too?  Odd for a town that is having so much financial trouble … they can’t afford an adequate Fire House, but this is OK?

I was disappointed that the local Boards of Education in Sharon, Salisbury, and Falls Village had no representation.  It was discussed at the last meeting in Salisbury, however no effort was made to join the other Boards in calling for an end to this embarrassment.  I am sure Sharon stayed out of it since they are so close to the ‘blow hole’ of the airwaves and did not wish to be ‘chewed up’ on the Breakfast Club.

Falls Village … well … I will leave that one to you.

Phil Hart (Region One Board Chairman) was eloquent and showed solid leadership in his presentation (Judge Manning would be proud of him, as I am).  Most notably, Mr. Hart said to all in the room … ‘Yesterday’s river will not turn today’s mill.’  I am sure that was over the heads of those who want to continue this mission until they go over the waterfall, which I hope is around the next bend.

Mr. Hart also took time to thank some of our Region’s key players (Patricia Chamberlain and Matt Harnett) who continued to keep the ship of education on course while the pirates have been attempting to steal her treasure, sink her, and force her Captain and Crew to ‘walk the plank’.

Salisbury’s William Tedder stated his disgust with this time warp some want us to live in.  He said it is time to move forward!

North Canaan’s Laura Freund encouraged everyone to move forward and work for the good of the school system.

Sharon’s Marilyn Yerks was silent, as was Fall Village’s Gale Toensing, around whom much of this controversy swirls.

Marie Wilbur (Central Office) spoke out about what she perceived as abuse and bullying by a Board member …

I could go on, but I will wrap this up for the moment.

I will be waiting to see what is printed in The Republican American , The Lakeville Journal, and The Litchfield County Times.  I chose to ignore that which radiates into the air from Sharon like a bad case of fermented beans.

In closing, I should suggest that everyone make it a mission to contact their Region One School Board Representatives and their Town School Board Representatives to let them know that you would prefer our public school dollars go into education, not lawyers.  You should also suggest that all Board members act like adults and set a GOOD example for the children and young adults of this Northwest Corner.

Here are some links to pertinent documents which go with this writing in case you haven’t seen them:

‘Legal Implications of Individual Board Member’s Actions’.

GaleToesingEmailSet1.pdf     GaleToesingEmailSet2.pdf   GaleToesingEmailSet3.pdf


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10 thoughts on “The Region One BOE – 2/6/12 – It’s about time!

  1. george parsons on said:

    register citizen online has a story

  2. george parsons on said:

    reporter from waterbury republican did ther usual bais report

  3. George, the reaction of readers never ceases to amaze me. If a story isn’t written the way you would write it, then it must be biased. Is it possible your own biases prevent you from judging the fairness of any story on this topic? Just a thought …

  4. BTW Mike, my wife really liked this post. Right on the money, she said (and I agree). Good work.

  5. george parsons on said:

    TERRY compare the articles republican vs register citizen

    • I will compare the stories tomorrow … I was away all day today and haven’t had time to catch up yet …

      • george parsons on said:

        mike: read the articles on sexting at the high school some difference in reporting you can tell waterbury reporter is a graduate of the lakeville journal school of not telling the whole story

        • george parsons on said:

          very good article and editorial about reg 1 what a breath of fresh air from the lakeville journal

          • George, I read both articles. The RC article has a greater level of detail but that doesn’t mean the Rep-Am reporter is biased. If you noticed, the Rep-Am gave her far less space to work with, so I’ll bet it was edited down. Look at the whole picture, please.

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