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Region One BOE releases Privileged Attorney Document

Tonight’s Region One Board of Education meeting began with an executive session.

The Board returned to its public session and voted to release a privileged document from attorney Gary Brochu which addresses ‘Legal Implications of Individual Board Member’s Actions’.

I will address more of what occurred at this meeting in a post tomorrow.  You may find this six page document interesting, to say the least.


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3 thoughts on “Region One BOE releases Privileged Attorney Document

  1. Kathy Lauretano on said:

    Wow. I have worried for several years that Ms. Toensing’s sometimes over zealous nature would eventually create just such a conflict of interest and potential serious legal ramifications, but had hoped she would manage to avoid stepping beyond the acceptable and legal boundaries. This well-referenced opinion is extremely worrisome for the whole Reg. 1 Board of Ed and the member towns. Very sad situation.

  2. george parsons on said:

    one has to wonder how she can preform her duties on the board after this

  3. The first question I asked myself even before reading this legal opinion was why Gale didn’t simply call the central office to inquire about whether anyone had received her email rather than firing off emails to various officials expressing indignation at the perceived slight. Strange.

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