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Newt is my choice … Hands down!

newtgingrich1011During the opening of the debate on CNN last evening, my dilemma concerning which Republican was going to receive my vote in the Connecticut Primary was finally resolved.

I have been debating (within myself) whether Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum was going to receive my vote on April 24.

I will PROUDLY enter the booth and cast my vote for Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich is an intelligent man who is skilled in the world of Washington Politics.

While I normally object to the Washington ties, in his case I have put that to the side because I know he is capable of working within that framework NOT as an agent of the Washington establishment, but as an agent of the people.

Given that, I was still on the fence between Gingrich and Santorum until last evening.

Newt is the first Republican to ACTUALLY stand up to the liberal media and ‘call them out’.

I applaud and salute him for calling John King on the carpet and NOT backing down when King attempted to play from the hand of Obama and blame others for his own actions.

While the liberal media and its supporters have consistently blamed everyone else for the lame policies they support, Mr. Gingrich has admitted his faults as a human and owned up to the fact that he has made mistakes in his life.  He has also made efforts to correct his flaws, which is more than I can say for the folks who criticize him.

King, CNN, ABC, and all of the other tilted media establishments should be ashamed of themselves and are obligated (in my mind) to issue an apology to the American People for their childish actions throughout this Presidential election cycle.

Somehow I have to believe had this been a big contest in the Democrat Party, this media would have handled it quite differently … probably with ‘kid gloves’.

I have grown tired of Democrats trying to monopolize our political system by controlling the media, and via the distorted primary system, trying to manipulate who the Republican Party will chose to run against Obama.  Obviously they want someone they can beat, given their candidate is weak at best.

Mr. Gingrich stood up last evening regardless of what the consequences might be.

This is what we need in a leader and a President at this time … someone who speaks the truth and doesn’t stick his finger in the wind (or elsewhere) before he states … get this … the truth.

There is no longer any doubt in my mind …

Newt Gingrich should be the next President of the United States and I urge all of my fellow Republicans to …


God Bless America!

BTW … Watch the video … Newt Sets John King Straight


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5 thoughts on “Newt is my choice … Hands down!

  1. The problem is we’re not electing a debater-in-chief. Santorum touched on this last night, but otherwise it has not been mentioned in the debates. I could care less about Newt’s allegedly open marriage but I do think his record is relevant. Newt had his chance to govern as speaker in the 90s and he was a disaster. He barely survived a coup attempt before narrowly getting re-elected as speaker for a second term. Ask anyone from the first Bush administration. They all hate him. The people who know him best don’t trust him. That should tell you something.

    • Terry … While you give a tidy summary of Newt’s ‘negatives’, one should note that his accomplishments list would be quite impressive.

      All of the people on that stage can be picked apart for their flaws. While some would consider it impossible, even Obama has flaws.

      We should be looking at these gentlemen based on our perceptions of how we align with them on the current national issues, as well as their strength of leadership.

      There is not a human out there who has not made mistakes, be they few or many.

      People change over the years, some for the better and others for the worse.

      If we are going to continue to evaluate our Presidential candidates based on dirty laundry and missteps from the past, we are certainly in trouble.

      I stand by Gingrich and certainly believe it was long overdue for someone in his position to put some of these ridiculous ‘news’ organizations in their place.

      I see this as a great example of a true leader who will deal with the important issues in this country and put the trash where it belongs … in the incinerator!

  2. I hope you’re right about Newt, Mike. If he’s the nominee I guess I will vote for him with great reluctance because Obama has been a tremendous failure.

  3. george parsons on said:

    nwets problems are public knowledge your post does not have the same name as cain 2012

    • Kathy Lauretano on said:

      I admire Newt Gingrich’s vast knowledge of history, the determination that he showed as Speaker putting together the Contract With America that led to a sweep of the House by Republicans, how he held Clinton’s feet to the fire on Welfare Reform, sending him bill after bill after bill until the man was embarrassed into signing the last one, his creative mind and incredible debating skills. All that being said he sure rubs people the wrong way, is too full of himself and is incapable of hiding it, carries grudges and his creative mind leads him off on flights of fancy looking for solutions to problems without anything to anchor him to fundamental conservative principles.As a result he has played footsie himself with the PC left’s ideas, possibly to promote his political ambitions at one time or another.

      I recognize Romney’s shortcomings as a New England “moderate” which is probably part his real nature and another part pragmatism to be politically viable. However,there has never been a scandal about him found by the Dems or anyone else – not in his private or business or political life. He has kept his marriage vows and raised a fine family – conservative values. He has strong religious faith and tithes 10% to his church faithfully – conservative values. He cleaned up the Olympic Committee when it was a complete, corrupt disgrace. He is an honest, hardworking businessman and he knows how to bite his tongue and behave with modesty instead of being obviously impressed by his own cleverness.

      I am still waiting and watching as there is a long way to go yet this primary season.

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