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In defense of Diane Goncalves …

I should like to defend Diane Goncalves and commend her courage in standing up for what is right.

While Mr. Miles has chosen to move the FCC complaint into the court of public opinion, the final conclusions will be rendered by the Federal Agency in charge of licensing and enforcing the regulations surrounding Low Power FM radio stations.

Mr. Miles is trying to turn this situation around and (as I have already said) make it ‘all about Diane’.

The attempt to question when she assembled and filed her complain, proclaiming that she did it on ‘company’ time is thin at best.

Ms. Goncalves is a salaried employee of the Region One School District.  She does not live by a time clock.  She has no set hours.  As a matter of fact, she works substantially more hours than the average person.

The fact that she recorded her office phone number for contact does not make it company business.  The FCC has office hours which occur when she is at work – therefore that is the most logical place to note as a contact point.  There is nothing suspicious here … it is simple common sense.

I wonder if Mr. Miles gets personal calls at his job?  Should we question that since he is there most of the time?  No … it is where he is best contacted.

Was this an effort endorsed by the Region One School Board?  Certainly not.  However, given the abuse that the majority of the membership and former membership have suffered over the past year and a half, I would certainly not object to the Board endorsing such action.

One should also note that Mr. Miles was not out informing the public when his company signed a ‘consent decree’ with the FCC on December 16, 2010.  It seems that since $15,000 was to be ‘contributed’ to the United States Treasury, at least those who contribute to his non profit should have been informed so they would be aware of what their contributions were paying for.  It also seems that those who were invested should have been informed of the reason for such a payment.  Who’s hiding things now?

For those who don’t understand the alleged violation(s), maybe you should take some of your time and study FCC Regulations, as well as Federal Code Regulations.  You might learn something.

At the end of the day I support Ms. Goncalves no matter what the outcome.  She has been a dedicated Assistant Superintendent and is a valuable asset to our Regional School system.

I wish I could say the same for the other.


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2 thoughts on “In defense of Diane Goncalves …

  1. george parsons on said:

    boss marshall is and always will be a bully when someone disagrees with his opinion or his actions. his only option is public opinion and how he can twist it

  2. I wasn’t at the recent Region 1 meeting but it’s worth noting that, at least from the media accounts, Miles made no attempt whatsoever to defend himself against the charges in the complaint. All he did was fire a few rockets at Goncalves. Pathetic.
    BTW Mike, I linked your previous post today on, so I’m sure it got more views than it would have otherwise. Miles may have a near-monopoly on media in the NWC but he can’t stop us. It’s amazing how many people know about this now.
    I hope Marshall’s donors have gotten the message and will stop giving to him.

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