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I would appreciate your vote on November 8th …

Election day has arrived.  I am running for the Salisbury representative to the Region One Board of Education.

I am familiar with the Region One Board and how it functions.  My regular attendance of their meetings for the past four years has kept me current with the issues in our High School, Central Office, and Pupil Services.

I was a member of both selection committees for our new Principal and Assistant Principal at Housatonic Valley Region High School.

I am a graduate of Salisbury Central (1972) and Housatonic (1976).  My daughter attends Salisbury Central.

I am concerned about the events of the past year and how they have distracted the Board from focusing on the educational needs and budget, not to mention wasting over $ 20,000 of our educational dollars.

We need to get back on track and ignore those who are simply trying to create controversy for Region One.  The personal political agenda of a few must stop so that the Board may regain its sense of direction.

You can read my statement at FLINT2011.COM.

It is important for everyone to vote in the municipal election, no matter who you support.

I hope you will consider casting your Region One vote for me at 15C on the ballot in the Town of Salisbury.


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