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How Tri-State reported to the DPUC (Department of Public Utility Control) about Public Access Operations

In my last post I alluded to reports that were filed with the Federal and State Governments by Tri-State.

Tonight I share with you reports that were filed with the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC, now known as PURA).

Access reports – 4 years – click on each year to view and/or download  —   2007     2008     2009     2010

I post these reports so you may study them and make conclusions based on your own examination.

There are multiple distortions in these reports which I will detail for you tomorrow.

Other reports are forthcoming … including things you may not know concerning Tri-State and the Federal Communications Commission …

Having said that, I would invite you to study the pages in each DPUC report which list the ’employees dedicated to public access’, commonly used for disclosure of volunteers and dedicated employees.  Examination of the ‘years of experience’ section in these reports could lead one to believe that the information is inaccurate.  Was someone filling out the form each year without any regard to facts?

These reports pertaining to my years at CATV 6 … I can personally attest to the idea that these documents are inaccurate, at best.

Tomorrow I will provide you with further details concerning the inaccuracy in these reports.

Please take time to examine these reports before I make comments.

You didn’t have to be involved with the operations in order to conclude these reports were filed without any regard for reality and were filled out annually under the assumption that NO ONE at the State level would read them or make any effort to verify the information they contained.

(to be continued …)          (To read this story from the beginning, scroll down to ‘Changes and some explanation of what has been happening … ‘)


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