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Workforce Housing — Salisbury Style

The Salisbury Affordable Housing Advisory Commission seems to be working just as I suspected it would.  The group has been given its marching orders, chiefly to develop the old Fitting property (next to the future transfer station) and will hear or see nothing else at this moment.

While the old Lakeville Fire House has been suggested as a site, chief architect of affordable housing in Salisbury, Jim Dresser, has given the Commission his reasons (mostly inaccurate at best) NOT to develop that property.

Regardless of the fact that their own studies concluded that workforce housing should be built where there is water and sewer, and further recommended downtown areas, the choice of remote property is puzzling at the least.

Even more puzzling is the idea of building it next to where the transfer station will someday be located.  Trash next to trash???

Workforce housing is for those who work hard but don’t make enough to afford housing (rental or purchase) in an overpriced area.  These are good folks who would like to live a lifestyle that was NOT defined as ‘getting by’.

This need is being further confused by the writings of far right wing conservatives in recent editions of the Lakeville Journal.  Somehow they feel that public money involved in this endeavor is wrong.  One claims that we are ‘not in the real estate business’.  Interesting considering that we have rental properties (the Town) … Isn’t that the ‘real estate business’?

Those who have appointed themselves to be in charge of workforce housing rebut this point of view with even more distortions … proclaiming they know best and are insulted by such rhetoric.

I am insulted by all of it … I know what it is like to want decent and (yes) affordable housing in this community.  I believe that ALL of the options should be on the table.  I am tired of groups of people who have no idea what it is like to ‘want’ for something running this show so that they may ‘toot their horns’ and further their minor political ambitions while waving the flag for workforce housing … little do they know or understand what the issue truly is.

Shame on them for using peoples lives to write their resumes and legacies in the Town of Salisbury …

More to come …


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