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The USPS wants to close the Lakeville PO … Time for rebellion!

The United States Postal Service will ‘thrill’ us by pretending that they want to know what we think … April 21, 2011For those of you that are NOT aware, they are proposing to CLOSE the Lakeville PO … Smart business decision or just plain stupidity?

According to my most recent information … here is the drill …

Lakeville PO customers will receive a mailer that will be asking for their opinion on this issue this Saturday, April 9.

You will have until April 14 (lots of time?) to respond.

I am not that sure what happens from there …

Apparently this effort will be to figure out what we think.  Considering how all those involved with the FED (UP) move, I am puzzled as to how they will actually read all of our opinions by April 21.

Bottom line … PLEASE fill out this survey/form … whatever … and RETURN it to them.

Also … The Lakeville Wine and Spirits has a petition on their counter you may sign to express your objection to closing the Lakeville PO … You might want to stop by and do that!

This all seems so clouded … I will have more on this issue … Stay tuned!


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One thought on “The USPS wants to close the Lakeville PO … Time for rebellion!

  1. Makes no sense. Close Salisbury and consolidate the two into the larger Lakeville building. I’ll bet there’s not even enough room in the tiny Salisbury P.O. to sort the mail for the two zip codes.

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