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Pinkpank reports …

We have posted the Pinkpank report …

This 13 page $9,000 extravaganza will be discussed on tomorrow’s show.


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4 thoughts on “Pinkpank reports …

  1. Thanks for posting this, Mike. I think Pingpank did a very good job under difficult circumstances. As an HVRHS parent, I think we need to know what’s going on in our dysfunctional high school. It could even start a reform movement. The problem is that starting a reform in a public school is almost impossible.

    • Terry …
      While I appreciate your point of view on this, I find the report to be somewhat more like the transcript of a gossip session that took place in a local bar than the results of an investigation.

      It lacks evidence of any kind … therefore it can only be considered hearsay.

      Ultimately it DOES NOT answer the key question and may in the end, due to its vague nature, lead to more fingerpointing, bad feelings and increased tensions in what is already a tense situation …

  2. Claudia Parsons on said:

    I think that the only thing the report does make clear is that there is NO ONE person to blame for the problems at the high school. Anyone who continues to try to name a scapegoat at this point is, in my opinion, looking for a pound of flesh in an empty bag.

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