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Salisbury P&Z takes a step forward …

Last night’s Salisbury Planning and Zoning took at least one step forward when it named Michael Klemens as its new Chairman.

Mr. Klemens is a capable individual who will bring some organization and direction to this commission.

The election process was smooth and not nearly as ‘bizarre’ as last year’s process when Mr. Higgins was removed from the Chair after (too) many years in that position.

At this time the P&Z has an opening for an alternate … I should hope that people will step forward and offer to fill this position.

It would be nice to see a new face on this commission.

I remind you that Mr. Higgins and Mr. Klemens are up for election in the 2011 cycle … careful consideration should be given to this matter considering the track record of this commission.

I would also note that you DO NOT have to be put on the ballot by a political party … anyone can run for public office … we will outline that procedure for you in a future post.

There are many things I wish for concerning this commission, but the most important one is a CONTRACT WITH OUR PLANNER/CONSULTANT … Tom McGowan!

This was asked for months ago but has yet to materialize.


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One thought on “Salisbury P&Z takes a step forward …

  1. But I see the sage has prevailed and Mr Klemens is the man.

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