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Salisbury Planning and Zoning … Officer Elections???

Salisbury Planning and Zoning meets on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 5:30 PM.

I don’t know what is on the agenda since there isn’t one on the Town Website (12/2 – 7:15 PM) … I believe they will be doing their annual election of officers.

If it is anything like last year’s (considering the current leadership) … it promises to be even worse than the disorganized and seemingly misguided event that occurred then.

This commission is so far in outer-space that even NASA cannot identify them.

Hopefully … logic will prevail and the commission will have the wisdom to recognize the need to change direction and elect a Chairperson who has experience and is organized.

I have observed a complete lack of these qualities (with all due respect) in the current Chairperson.

I suggested (and am now emphasizing) that the next Chair of Salisbury Planning and Zoning should be Michael Klemens.

Mr. Klemens has demonstrated his ability to organize and lead this vital (and often costly) commission.

Although I may not agree with Mr. Klemens about zoning philosophy, I respect his insight and knowledge. I believe he is capable of delivering the leadership that this commission has sorely lacked for years. I also believe he possesses the most significant quality of all … Listening and actually hearing everyone who speaks!

He exhibits the admirable quality of realizing that he is serving the public (in his capacity) and must put his own views aside when acting as a member (or hopefully Chair) of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

While there are those who opined the unseating of Mr. Higgins last year, one must be reminded that he presided over the commission for quite some time, which resulted in zoning regulations that are ambiguous and vague (at best) … not to mention having cost the taxpayers of Salisbury massive amounts of money to defend those broken regulations.

There are those who believe he should be restored as Chair … I say NAY!

There is something else that plays here … I believe in term limits … he has “outserved” his limits.

Given the fact that only TWO Commissioners can be replaced in the 2011 election cycle (Mr. Higgins and Mr. Klemens) I would suggest that the Republicans stop playing games with ‘their friends’ and sponsor a candidate who truly understands the magnitude of the position. Mr. Higgins needs to be sent home and thanked for his service … it is time for NEW blood on this commission.

While the Democrats need to consider Mr. Klemens for another term , they need to keep in mind that the Zoning folks are more powerful than most other boards … be careful what you do … Question him and where he is going. Or is your agenda POLITICAL in the first place???

Oddly, I don’t think this individual fits your particular mode. BTW … Don’t tell me you (the SDTC) are not motivated by POLITICS … you are and it is the POLITICS of personal satisfaction.

These are my ‘warped’ opinions based on my observations … However …All of you need to think about this Commission and what it means to your future and the Town’s.

Is it really serving the best interests and future of our community?


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3 thoughts on “Salisbury Planning and Zoning … Officer Elections???

  1. I submit the name of Michael J. Flint!

  2. Submit my name for what???

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