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Salisbury Philosophy – Pass it and fix it later!

Last night’s Town meeting (11/9/10) in Salisbury supported two important habits that seem to be weaved into the fabric of the current Town Government:

1.  Even if it is flawed, we will pass it and fix it later.

2.  Public officials are supposed to come to a Town Meeting with facts, answers, or even knowledge of the subjects.

These two items rang true with all 4 of the items on the floor.  They were especially exaggerated when it came to the P&Z fine ordinance.

The Affordable Housing Commission is being formed and funded without any specific guidelines to define low-income or affordable housing.

The Planning and Zoning Chair was unable to answer any questions, technical or otherwise, concerning the seriously flawed fine proposal.

It was obvious that a portion of those in attendance were there because they had been called by the ‘higher’ powers and knew nothing of the proposals.  They knew only that they were there to vote YES.

It was refreshing to see people asking intelligent questions even if no one at the front of the room was prepared to answer them with anything other than pontificating or worse — I DON’T KNOW.

The moderator was exhibiting poor behavior in his capacity … favoring those at the front table and his own opinions — actually making faces at those who he really did not want to let speak.  Hopefully our community will find someone who knows how to be a Town Meeting moderator in the not to distant future.  All of the people have a right to their opinions and should be treated with respect, not greeted with an angry scowl as they come forward to speak.

That’s my take on our Town Meeting.  Thank goodness the P&Z ordinance was defeated!


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2 thoughts on “Salisbury Philosophy – Pass it and fix it later!

  1. george parsons on said:

    you have to realize that if you pass a flawed ordinance you have to study it for a couple of years to get right. In the meantime nothing happens, thats how salisbury works at what they really do not want!

  2. Wendy Hamilton on said:

    I’m glad that someone else felt the behavior of the moderator was appalling. Surely our town can come up with someone who can do a better job. I couldn’t believe it when he opened the meeting by treating us to a very long monologue…droning on about his own ideas. And after that it went further downhill as he was disparaging to many with their hands up.

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