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Pay As You Throw … PAYT

We have started a discussion concerning the Pay As You Throw system (PAYT).

This system has been widely rejected by political authorities in Northwest Connecticut.

The PAYT system, when combine with other ‘fair pay’ systems, would reduce costs and waste in our area.

The ‘trash’ coming from our homes is becoming a major cost to the citizens of the communities, not to mention a major concern to the status of the environment on our planet.

Many interesting points were made on our program (Jan. 3, 2010).  It is evident (at least to me) that we need to ‘overhaul’ our local trash ‘transfer’ systems.

We need to break the mold of the ‘status-quo’ and make progress in this area.

It is the intention of Straight Talk to examine this issue in detail and to provide a forum for the discussion and education that need to occur.

People cannot make intelligent decisions without proper information and discussion.

I would ask our blog visitors to take the following survey (just one of more to come) and to make any comments concerning this issue.

(Note:  You are only allowed to vote once.  This is not a scientific poll, however we would like the results to have some reflection of reality … Thank you!)


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