Straight Talk

HONEST talk about local issues!

You look … Why don’t you post?

When I examine the traffic on this blog, something strikes me as funny (not in the ha-ha sense).

There are many viewers, however, there is a certain lack of comment.

Is it because this blog is about local issues and does not always portray everything as happy and hollow?

Is it because you are fearful that someone may spot you and give you grief when they see you on the street in your town?

Is it because you are oblivious to the realities of the world that exist in your own backyard?


Since this is the only blog in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut that deals with local political issues, it seems that folks would like to use it as a place to have their opinion heard.

You don’t have to identify yourself … you can hide behind a mask if you feel so inclined …

Or … Is it you don’t really have anything to say about the politics (local) that you can have the most impact on?

Hmmmmm … Maybe someday the intelligent folks in Northwest Connecticut will realize they live in America

Land of the FREE and FREE SPEECH!


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