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The Departure of Governor Rell

Governor Jodi Rell will not be seeking re-election (Story here)

This lays the Governor’s race wide open in 2010.  With the ‘super majority’ being the Democrats, who have delivered us nothing more than debt, we risk losing that component of balance that was in Hartford.  Her efforts have helped us from being driven over the cliff by the uncontrolled spending machine.

I hope that people will seriously think about their choices next year.

Connecticut faces very serious times, which will call for NEW leadership at all levels.

I should hope people will take their voting seriously and start considering individual candidates over political party affiliation.

We need serious change at our State Capitol.

Maybe, in her own way, Governor Rell is stepping up to the plate by not seeking re-election.

There are many more in Hartford, including some of our local representatives who should consider the same.


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