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More on the SSRRA vote … And a poll …

We are told that THREE Lawyers advised both the Boards of Selectmen in Sharon and Salisbury that ‘removal from the board without cause’ was in the best interest of both Towns.

I have asked both Towns for written opinions on this matter … neither has complied.

It seems that we put our Towns in a jeopardy situation legally by dismissing without cause.

Would it not be better to clearly outline the dismissal ’causes’?  Would we not have better ‘legal legs’ to stand on if we had clear reasons for the removal of a board member?

It all seems purely political to me … a move designed to keep the power of the authority away from the people and in the hands of the ‘bosses’.

They say we have the right to remove THEM every two years … Well …

It is an election year … Maybe the time has come to take them up on their offer.  It comes across to me that they are actually challenging the people of these communities … and in a most arrogant way.

BTW … Tell us if you will be there …


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