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SSRRA Questions …

Salisbury and Sharon

Questions you might want to ask about the SSRRA Ordinance …

Since the SSRRA would be a separate entity under the laws of Connecticut, why are ALL of the members of both boards of Selectmen being appointed to serve as its initial Board of Directors?

 Given the first question, could this not be considered a ‘conflict of interest’? (Remember, the SSRRA IS an independent agency of the government)

Why are the Selectmen so insistent that membership on the Board of Directors should be governed by ‘the IRON fist’ of the Selectmen by allowing for ‘dismissal from the Board WITHOUT CAUSE’? 

Why is there no provision for at least one of the members from each Town to be ELECTED by the people? 

Why have we not been shown at least a ‘draft’ of potential bylaws for this entity? 

Why have the Selectmen failed to name ‘alternates’ from each Town at this point in the process? 

Why are the ‘concurrent ordinances’ still not completed? The ordinances are changing on a routine basis. Considering ‘all of the work’ that has been done, should we not be debating fully written ordinances and making changes based on what the people of the communities think? 

Given informational meetings have been held in both Towns, and that information given at those meetings has either been flatly wrong, not fully comprehended, or even completely unknown by those who are proposing to serve as the Board that will move the process forward, when will there be meetings when all of the information is available, so that the public may have an intelligent discussion of the issues surrounding the formation of the SSRRA?

Why are we limiting participation in the SSRRA to only Salisbury and Sharon? Is this not closing the door to potential future opportunities that could bring other Towns into the organization?

Why is the Town of Salisbury selling/gifting it’s property to the SSRRA? Why not lease the property to the Authority to insure it remains under the ownership of the Town of Salisbury?

Should we exclude the participation of those who are property owners (paying taxes on $1,000 or more of assessed property, as is the rule for voting on Town ordinances and Financial matters)? We eliminate part-time residents (who often own substantial taxable properties), business owners who may live in other towns (and vote there) … The ordinance specifies ‘ELECTORS’Ask yourself … Is this fair? 

These are just some questions that come to mind … Do you have others? 


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2 thoughts on “SSRRA Questions …

  1. Claudia Parsons on said:

    Maybe we need new town attorneys as well as new auditors…..
    OR maybe we should give them more money as is done on Wall Street and maybe they will get it right….

    I still cannot believe that most people in Salisbury don’t realize that the SSRRA will be an independent entity that will have to comply with 103b and CANNOT share ANY functions with the towns of Sharon and Salisbury (as in secretaries, accountants, etc.) If you are reading this blog and have concerns you should respond and get this subject out in the open. As Mike has said repeatedly, you do not have to use your name. Your anonymity is protected just like on the Register Citizen’s or Terri Cowgill’s blog.

    • Good points Claudia.

      As much as I prefer that people identify themselves, they may keep their identity concealed by using a false name.

      Too bad that people would feel this way about debating topics in America … Especially something so close to home … This is suppose to be a free country with free speech … other than that, the rest costs us a fortune.

      Maybe that is what has happened to free speech too … the exception being that the ‘fortune’ in this case is ‘wrath and intimidation’ by those in power.

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