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Patrick Sullivan … Words cannot …

Seems that Mr. Sullivan has chosen to ‘make words about me’ on his blog … Hmmmmm

He has even thrown up (not literally) a picture … for those of you who don’t know what I look like …

I have to say … I laughed my (slight) ass off when I read it … Here is a guy who can write!

We have added him to our BLOG ROLL … An honor I hope he understands.

However … If he thinks that this will give him immunity from Straight Talk …

All kidding aside … It is great to have multiple local blogs … agree or disagree with each ‘artist’ … It gives all of us a forum in which to debate, exchange ideas and even sometimes have fun.

Everyone is encouraged to make the circuit … It might add some flavor to your life.

 One final note … I am too cheap to pay for the extra space to host pictures, so my blog will remain ‘plain Jane’ … 😦


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2 thoughts on “Patrick Sullivan … Words cannot …

  1. Patrick Sullivan on said:

    Thanks Mike, delighted to be here.

    And by the way, your jacket sleeves are too long.

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