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Information? Not in Salisbury …

I attended the Salisbury SSRRA informational meeting last night (March 3, 2009), along with maybe 20 or so other residents (my estimate) …

I have to say the Board of Selectmen was hardly prepared to answer any questions of substance.

It seems that the ‘informational’ meeting was more designed to be a ‘here is what we are going to do and why you should agree with us’ session.

Even more amazing to me is the fact that the Selectmen from both Towns are going to be the ‘Board’ of this new Authority, even though they seem to sorely lack understanding of the State Laws that govern the formation and operations of such an authority.

They continually refer to the advice from their lawyers (aren’t they the TOWN’s lawyers, yes OUR lawyers), but never produce any documentation or any legal references to support what the lawyers advise us to do.

One great example is the ‘removal with or without cause’ of the directors.

They say the lawyers strongly advise that it be this way, yet we never hear any REAL justification for why that must be.  It seems this is purely a way of operating the Authority based on political will rather than common sense, business style judgements … surely a formula for disaster.

I will be posting a new section on the Straight Talk site in the next few days that will pose questions that need solid answers.

I am not opposed to an authority for handling our new Transfer Facility …

I AM opposed to it being manipulated by a handful of people who have repeatedly demonstrated that having all the facts in place or even being able to produce a completed document to the people of this Town is somehow insignificant.

These documents seem to be changing on a daily basis and I would not be surprised to walk into a Town Meeting (the legislative body in session) only to find that the document is different from what I believed I was going there to vote about.

One last thought … we are continually told that we need to ‘trust’ our system, which is a wonderful thought … however … considering most recent events in our community … our system is open to question right now.


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2 thoughts on “Information? Not in Salisbury …

  1. george parsons on said:

    I to was at the afore mentioned meeting and must agree they have not done any research on the subject and clearly plan to muddle trough the process state stautes or not . Hold on to your hats Salisbury this could get very interesting

  2. Claudia Parsons on said:

    I just watched the town informational meeting of 3/3/09. I could SCREAM!! Why doesn’t anybody understand that once the SSRRA is formed they HAVE to go by 103b and other state statutes. It appeared that most of the people present (including selectmen) had no clue what the state statutes were and how it effects SSRRA even though it was stated repeatedly at this meeting and has been the subject of this blog and BOS meeting on numerous occasions.

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