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Did you all read the Lakeville Journal article about the Sharon Vote on the ‘Transfer Station’?

Once again … one bad fact after another!

Let me see … “A well attended meeting on a snowy Friday evening … ”

Hmmmmm … Sharon has a population of 3,000 plus… yet 55 people attended … or was it really that many people who could actually vote?  If you scan down a couple of paragraphs after the BRASH statement of “about 55 people voted to pass” … you will find … “A few additional people wandered in, bring the total audience to about 55 people (including Salisbury First Selectman Curtis Rand and Transfer Station Manager Brian Bartram, also a Salisbury resident) …

Was it 55 people who voted, or were there 55 people in the room?  Did that include reporters?  Did that include anything else that moved in the room, say …  maybe a roach or something?

How many actually voted?   Do we know it was 55?  Did anybody take a count?  Surely we would not expect anything less than accuracy at a Town Meeting … would we?

Misspeak and outright falsehoods came from the front of the room for the first ten minutes or so … I watched it on CATV 6 …

According to the article, WMC Consulting Engineers declared the site unfit … Take a LOOK at what they said…  They said the site was ‘significantly less desireable than the Luke-Fitting site …’ , a far cry from “Unfit” as described in the Journal.

The article further declares that First Selectman Malcolm Brown ‘warned that it is unlikely it (the DEP) would renew the permit allowing Hotchkiss to be used as a transfer station’ … Where is the documentation for this???

Seems that some of this article is the opinion of the writer … or is it the writer being ‘mislead by the presenter’?

It is hard for me to go further at this time … the article just gets deeper into misrepresentation of the facts, be it from the writer or the presenter.

Sharon also voted to ‘fork over’ $700,000 to Salisbury … NOT NECESSARY!

We will continue on this topic (later) since Salisbury is going to have an informational meeting in early March (BTW … Informational in Salisbury means you listen while the Leaders fill your head with what they WANT you to believe)

One last note … I questioned First Selectman Malcolm Brown about his statements that the Town Attorney said it did not matter about the definition of how the terms for the Authority Board members was set up (regardless of CT General Statutes 103b) …

Here is the text of my email to him …

From:Straight Talk with Mike Flint []
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 2:11 PM
To: Malcolm Brown
Subject: Attorney statement


You stated in your interview on WHDD and at the Town Meeting on January 30th that the Town’s attorney indicated it did not matter if the terms of the board members of the SSRRA ended at the same time.
Did you get that in writing and if so, I should like to obtain a copy.
Thank you.
Mike Flint

His reply …

It was a phone conversation.  MMB

If you were a Town Official looking for a LEGAL opinion on an issue that could put your proposed ordinance at odds with Connecticut General Statutes, wouldn’t you want a WRITTEN opinion?

I am in contact with the Attorney General’s Office on this issue and I WILL report back to you as I receive their input …

It is YOUR turn now …


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One thought on “Town Meetings … Reporting … Smoke & Mirrors …

  1. george parsons on said:

    You must realize that salisbury and sharon are now tied at the hip for better or worse. Having had personal conversations with one selectman and e-mail dialoage with other, I could not tell you who i was talk to .
    Neither one is informed about the subject at hand and seem to believe that (trust us) and everything will be hunky dorrey. seems sharon has become the suburbs of salisbury. By the way now the state is cutting a lot of bonding projects could this effect thier wish list for state money?

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